erwin asking for someone in bed ye

erwin asking for someone in bed ye


Ackerman is going insane when seing his classmate Smith in sportswear ! ;P
Sketch request time ! The next one coming is about butt plug fufufuuuuu …


Autumn walk

リヴァエルログ2 | 雨読@進撃垢 


my entry for the mike wall <3



Some of the makorin/rinmako pencil sketches from my notebook and things I can’t say I’m proud of (NSFW - it escalates)

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the moral of the story is that not every french dude is an artist, but you better believe Hanji is a proud girlfriend

Their first kiss is incredibly awkward. Their teeth clink and their lips are too dry, and when they pull back to face each other, they make distorted faces.

Only Hanji’s breaks into a smile.

Levi frowns deeper, rubbing at his lips. “Go brush your teeth. You taste like beer.”

She laughs and falls back onto his bed, looking up to the ceiling when she asks, “Does that mean you want to kiss me again?”

He picks at a thread that’s come loose on his comforter, hoping he can afford something new sometime soon. Maybe a better apartment with consistent hot water, one that stays warm in winter.

"I guess."

Hanji sits up on her elbows and licks her lips. She stares at him for a moment, squinting her eyes, before she moves off the bed. “Deal.”

Levi is entirely sure it’s been less that two minutes, but when she comes back, she sits next to him and smiles—more to show off her teeth that anything. He can smell the mint from his toothpaste.

He sighs. “Did you use my toothbrush?”

Hanji kicks her feet. “I might have.”

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quick erumike for my little ill Jeanette


doodlin’ the rusame

*fic word count 400,000*
"Past mentions of the pairing you searched for"

黄長瀬 紬 Tsumugu Kinagase - Kill la Kill

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sits in his bara lap that last one!!! and his fuzzy towelled butt <3

(〃 ̄ω ̄〃 there’s always enough room


Levi’s knees are knobby and pink, their color interrupted by the presence of neutral-colored bandaids slapped on them, the dissonance in tone almost jarring against the pallor of his skin.

Levi’s a boy of contrasts, really; finely boned but thickly muscled, sharp-elbowed and sharp-tongued. His hair is inky and the spill of it across the desk is smooth, but it’s surprisingly coarse to the touch when Erwin plays with it. His knuckles are a painter’s palette of the shades of bruising. He’s a terrible, terrifying, troublesome boy, but his toes and fingers curl as Erwin sucks him off. 

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