Erwin’s head spins as he looks around. His eyes are having trouble focusing so he feels more than sees the thick wetness running down the side of his thigh from the cut on his hip. It isn’t very deep and he’s certainly had worse, but if he keeps moving, it won’t close.

But he does keeps moving, fighting and swinging. He’s outnumbered and most of his men are dead.  The field below him is wet and when his vision finally clears, he sees it’s blood mixed with rain—the mud runs an unholy color.

Mike is no longer beside him, he had been given the order to retreat. Erwin was bold but he was not stupid, and saving those he could was better than seeing all those under his command buried in the coppery mud.

Mike would lead them, he thought. He was capable, worthy.

Someone strikes below the shallow cut on his hip, deeper this time, enough for Erwin to fall to his knees. A cry catches in his throat, something deep and primal and he lashes out.


yukata eruris smooching!


He sees less battle than Levi and logs less hours at the practice fields. It’s not that his own ability with 3D gear goes rusty with disuse as a consequence, but being commander means far more time on paperwork than time spent slashing at the necks of wooden dummy titans.

Watching Levi in battle makes it easy to forget, though, that only so much of Levi’s grace is innate, and that much of it has come to him through sheer force of will. He likes to climb the wall outside Erwin’s office, and then, at the top of his ascension, drop, only to catch himself before hitting the ground. The dull thunk of metal hook against stone has almost become comforting as Erwin’s come to be more and more used to it. 

He thinks the stiffness to Levi’s limbs is just overuse at first. It’s not unusual—but it seems to linger, Levi rubbing at the joints of his elbows, his hips with an increasing annoyance. 

Then, it’s not hard to place.

The thing is, life expectancy in Survey Corps is small; it’s easy to forget the wear of 3D gear on the body when you’re meant to die long before it sets in.

Erwin realizes their luck, if it can be called that. They’ve managed to outlive most and while that thought it almost comforting—life is precious, really, he’ll take what he can—it also makes him uneasy.

He’s watched too many of his men die with no burials and no goodbyes that he’s quietly thankful, even as he worries, to see Levi fuss over swollen joints and a constant ache that he refuses to discuss.

Erwin’s own knees ache at times, but more paperwork means less irritation.

He can’t really complain despite wanting to be on the field.

It’s late one night in his office that Erwin finally mentions anything to Levi. He tries to separate Levi as his soldier from the Levi that sits across from him in the dim candle-lit room, but it’s difficult.

"You should rest," he says, not looking up from his paperwork. There’s too much to do before sunrise and the tea at his desk has probably gone cold.

Levi has already had three cups, but Erwin continues to ignore his.

"You can’t afford that."

And Erwin can’t, probably, but training is different, and Levi needs to let up. He pushes too far and too hard and Erwin needs him.

"Yes, I can." Erwin places his pen down and finally looks up, expression stern, if slightly worried. "This is only training, Levi. I can’t afford any mishaps now."

Levi snorts and shakes his head. He stands up and grabs for his jacket that he’d placed on the back of his chair. “One day, Erwin,” he says and leaves.

Erwin sighs and runs his hands through his hair.

They both know Levi can’t keep this up.

Mike crawls in the warm bath water first, and his size brings the water line almost to the edge. He sighs, chest expanding under the water, and tilts his head back against the cooler porcelain of the tub.

Levi is close to rolling his eyes. “You’re too fucking big.”

Mike only gives an affirmative half grunt half laugh and gestures for Levi to get in.

He does, slowly, his side facing Mike as he steps in. The temperature change makes his hair stand on end and Mike’s soft touches on his calf only make it worse (even though the touch is welcome, something that had taken time to build up, affection that Mike was careful about.)

Levi grips the sides of the tub and he sits down, easing between the larger man’s legs. He doesn’t make any comments about sharing bath water or germs or anything related and Mike takes that as a good sign. Levi’s hands have healed nicely, but the scars are still there, from rubbing them raw and dipping them in bleach. They’re red and blotched and Mike can cover them completely, curling the first knuckle of his fingers over the top of Levi’s when they’re placed palm to palm.

When Levi finally leans his back against Mike’s broad chest, Mike wraps his arms around Levi’s waist. Somehow it’s more intimate than being naked and pressed flush against one another. Levi had never been good at intimacy and Mike had always been eager to give it and at times it drove him bat-shit.

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Eren has a mouth on him, Jean decides, that could always be put to better use. He could tie knots with his tongue and dirty talk until Jean’s cock was straining against his boxers and Jean wanted him to do everything at once, he wanted dark lips wrapped around him and he wanted a wicked tongue licking at the shell of his hear.

It wasn’t fair.

“I love you the way you fuck me,” Eren hums, just under Jean’s right ear and Jean’s breath hitches as he takes it in. “How you make my legs shake.”

One of Eren’s hands grabs at Jean’s short hair as he talks, tilting his head to expose his long neck while the other reaches between them to undo their zippers. Jean can feel Eren smile against him, warm and wet, lapping at sensitive skin.

“You always fuck me how I want, I don’t even have to beg.” Jean curses under his breath as Eren tugs his cock free, stroking it slowly.

“I want,” he starts, before swallowing to hold back a small moan. He wants Eren under him, cock flushed red against tan skin and he wants him asking to be fucked.

But Eren’s too self-assertive for that, and in a show of confidence, Eren strokes once more before wrapping his fingers tightly around the base of Jean’s cock.

“You want what? You want me to beg?” Eren laughs and his smile turns sly. “I didn’t even have to touch you to get you this hard and I think you’re this close to begging me to ride you.”

“But you want me to beg.”

Jean’s nod is as pathetic as he’s starting to feel under Eren’s touch.


au where levi has big blond boyfriends whos chests are pillows for his tiny baby head

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Now guess whose kidney it is.

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You literally can’t tell me this song doesn’t fit Erwin Smith perfectly.

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erwin and levi are canonly awkward at basic intimate social interaction i dont understand where people get the idea that theyre smooth where levi’s all seductive and erwin’s all “charming corporate controlling man” they would literally trip on their feet trying to “sexily” get their clothes off and levi would be like “i forgot to take a shit before we did this”.  just because erwins charismatic concerning idealistic speeches doesnt mean that hes “suave” socially. he literally spent an entire episode special trying to make friends and failing due to his own social awkwardness and spent his whole childhood being called creepy. and levi was stated to be canonly bad at romance.

you can interpret them how you want i suppose but it just seems really ooc when theres like all these canon events that would suggest otherwise