Mike snores behind him, arm wrapped around Levi’s smaller waist. Levi can’t decide if he’s annoyed by that anymore or if it’s something that helps him sleep.

Both really, because Mike is warm and Levi is always cold and there’s something strangely comforting about the noises he makes in his sleep. When Levi wakes up in a fit of insomnia he can listen for the deep sounds around him, warm air thick and he knows where he is, he doesn’t struggle to get out of his head. He isn’t so afraid of being alone because he isn’t.

Mike falls asleep before him and wakes up after and Levi isn’t sure if he does that on purpose, but it’s a routine he needs.

He turns around to face Mike but the first thing he notices is the drool at the corner of his mouth, catching in the fine hairs of his mustache.

Levi makes a face. “You drool like a fucking dog.”

He can see Mike trying not to smile, still mostly asleep. Levi reaches for his face to wipe at thin lips and the side of his face, fingers scratching over facial hair and when Levi wipes his wet hand across Mike’s bare chest, the larger man wakes up with grumbling laughter.

Mike’s speech is slurred with sleep and a half smile when he finally speaks. “Back to sleep, early morning.”

"Can’t. Bad dreams." Because with insomnia he never really feels like he’s slept, bad memories are just replayed over and over again like some bullshit excuse for dreams.

Mike’s eyes are still closed, but he takes a deep breath and pulls Levi closer. “S’been a while.”

It has. A few months. But a few months ago he didn’t have such an attachment to sleeping in Mike’s bed and he hadn’t admitted that this sort of shit was actually kind of nice and now early mornings and expeditions mean losing this. It means having to relearn this sort of trust and understanding with someone else and that pisses him off and scares him.

"I’ll fall asleep eventually."

There’s something of a grunt in response and he assumes Mike has already fallen back asleep.

"You sleep just like a dog, too."


Levi makes coffee for him in the morning, sets it out even though neither of them have to be up for another hour or so, the sun isn’t really up, but it’s enough time to take a long, proper bath.

Mike stumbles out some time later, scratching at his chin and looking at the small cup of coffee set out. The smell is still strong.

"It’s cold," Levi warns, but Mike shrugs his broad shoulders.

"It’s how I’ve learned to take it."

Just like every other morning, Levi tells himself, and it’ll end just the same. They’ll both still be here.


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There’s a man across from Levi on the subway, staring obviously at him. Levi meets his stare and arches an eyebrow at him; it should be enough to make him look away.

Instead, the man’s lips quirk. “Have we met before?” he asks. His voice is unnecessarily loud, even for speaking over the noise of the car.

"No," Levi says. He looks at Hanji—but she’s still asleep, drooling on Moblit’s shoulder with her glasses digging into her cheek. It’ll leave a mark.

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It’s Hanji’s hand on his hip. He can tell this even with the blindfold — because the palms are slightly broader, slightly coarser; the fingers are longer and rougher, tipped with short, uneven nails that scrape up his ribs unexpectedly. 

Erwin shudders, but there’s not much he can do in the position they’ve laid him out in, kneeling on the floor with his arms bound above his head, the rope looped through a sturdy hook on the ceiling. He keels slightly to the right, into the touch, but all it really does is put weight on his shoulders.

There’s an indistinct murmur, the sound of shuffling, then Hanji’s voice, warm and low in his ear. “Levi’s shy.”

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really quick drawing i started yesterday

please full view it looks so much better, goes with this and this.


Jean VS. Eren OR Yet Another Reason Marco is Important

Something that isn’t talked about nearly enough in the fandom is these two scenes.

"But wait" you say "People talk about them all the time"

Well, you’re right, they do. But not in the way I mean. You see these scenes and your first reaction is an emotional one, all you can focus on is the fact that Marco is dead and that his friends are so obviously mourning him. It’s sad, tragic, and that’s what people focus on.

When you look past that, and look at the context of the scenes you see the clear difference in them. 

It’s no mystery to anyone that Jean and Eren are foil’s of each other. Meant to be similar and different at the same time. Many devices are utilized in both the anime and manga are utilized to illustrate this. One of the most important is Marco, or more specifically their relationship to him.

This scene, in particular, is really important. Because of the way they’re mourning Marco.

Put simply:Jean is mourning what was and Eren is mourning what could have been

Jean sees Marco as a trainee, and Eren sees him as a scout.

This speaks volumes about Jean and Eren and their different world views.

Jean lives in the present,what’s happening, how do I survive, how do I make it to tomorrow. He joins the army with the goal of being safe.

Eren lives in the future, where am I going, when do I get to see the world outside, how do I defeat the titans. He joins the army with the goal of making the world a better place.

Similarly, his death effects them in different ways.

Jean joins the Scouting Legion for the sake of a better future, while Eren makes more careful decisions in regards to immediate consequences.

While alive Marco, both on screen and off screen, insists Jean would make a great leadre. He is a pillar of support that he desperately needs. On the flipside, Eren insists that Marco would be a good leader when Marco has doubts about himself.

Again, this illustrates another pivotal personality difference between Eren and Jean. Jean needs support while Eren gives it. (This is also illustrated by their relationship with Mikasa. Eren demands Mikasa allow him to look after himself while Jean wants Mikasa’s help to survive during Trost)

Circling back to the scene dipicted above, Jean is remembering the words Marco said to support his decisions in Trost while Eren is picturing Marco in front of him and wearing the wings of the freedom (presumably in a role of leadership since he’s in front and looking back while all the cadets are facing forward)

tl;dr:these scenes are about more than just Marco being dead

Levi knows that they fuck to salvage their relationship more so than any desire for one another. Objectively he knows that Erwin is attractive, handsome with high cheekbones that he’s kissed, ones that he’s nearly broken, but he doesn’t care. It doesn’t change anything.

The boy he sees on the side is everything that Erwin is not—not weighed down by work or any other commitment that sends him spiraling into nervous and tired anger. The boy smiles for no reason and for every reason in the world—just because he’s there and breathing. It’s something Erwin’s long since forgotten to do.

Levi isn’t so sure he can blame Erwin solely.

He’d been a part of this too, he started down the same path.

And that scares him.


It takes Levi seven months before he decides to tell Erwin about his…well, lover isn’t quite the word he likes to use and mistress isn’t really fitting. His relationship with Erwin was far gone before that, more than three years in the making, but this makes it so much more final. He knows there’s no going back. It’s this and nothing else, and he can’t crawl back to anyone if he decides he’s made the wrong choice.

He takes his lack of nervousness as a good sign, that this will go easy. Even so, there’s a small part of him that wishes he was scared, because calmness means whatever he felt for Erwin was gone. He doesn’t know how long ago those feelings finally ran out, or rather, withered away without use.

When Levi finally says what he needs, Erwin simply nods and heads to his office.

Levi can hear the door slam, echoing down the long hall. He isn’t going to miss the emptiness of the house, how hollow it feels even when they’re across from each other at the small dining table.

Physical closeness never meant much.


He writes a note after he’s packed his things—had waited to finish until Erwin was at work. (Which wasn’t hard, really, his days were already long, and when Levi said he couldn’t make this work, that he’d done nothing but exhaust himself with empty words, Erwin came home only to sleep.)

The apartment looks mostly uninhabited, fridge already empty since when they’d stopped eating their meals together. Without Levi’s small collection of things, it looks more like a model home than anything that had helped a budding relationship.

He doesn’t apologize. In his small, uniform letters he writes instead, You’ll find someone. We deserve better.

Levi isn’t sure if they’ll stay in contact. He could, it would be healthy, but it might hurt more than anything. Thirteen years over with an uneventful breakup. He doesn’t think they were ever really friends, just two people who fucked and stumbled into a relationship.

So, friends would be nice, but implausible.

We can still talk, he scribbles quickly underneath his previous sentence before clicking his pen closed, and he decides not to have one last look around the apartment before he leaves, just lets the door close softly behind him.

When he reaches into his pocket, he feels the metal of a key still there—he slips it quickly under the door before he thinks to keep it.





ok so like..what sort of shit would you guys lean towards for a shirt design, and if you think something else would look better, what would you suggest?

pls & thank you!! colors are hard ;~;


The sex is hilariously bad.

He didn’t even know that sex could be this bad. Levi moved with an innate sense of purpose that lent itself to a certain type of elegance—he was blunt, even hedging on crass with the dry way he tended to speak, but his movements were always perfectly designed and coordinated; like the gears of a clock, Erwin had once thought, interlocking together in precise motion. 

It comes as a shock, then, that Levi’s ribs are ticklish and that when Erwin leans down to kiss them, Levi’s reaction is to jerk his elbow into Erwin’s head.

It dazes him for a second, long enough for Levi to push at Erwin’s shoulder and mutter an embarrassed, “Don’t touch there.” When Erwin looks up at him, Levi’s gaze is averted, his pale cheeks ruddy, mouth pressed together in one long, thin line.

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New still of Chris Pratt in Jurassic World (2015)

i’m a heterosexual man and i’m screaming

Oh my christ


Levi wears a dress on their third date, wobbling awkwardly in heels by his side. The stubborn pinch of her mouth says she’s unhappy.

Erwin calls her lovely and means it, with everything in him. It makes her frown harder, arms crossed tight over her body like an act of defense. Her steps are wooden in the heels—small things, but enough that she loses her usual sense of balance when she steps on a rock. He offers her an arm, but she shoots him a sideways glance as she catches herself, lips thinning.

"I borrowed the dress from Petra," she admits reluctantly, plucking at its hem. The square neckline of it makes her already broad shoulders broader; it tucks in ostensibly at the waist, but Levi’s body is dense and stocky, thick with muscle. 

It doesn’t do much for her. On their first date, she’d worn dark jeans bought from the men’s section of the store, a button-down shirt, and boots that Erwin suspected to be steel-toed. She’d dressed the same for their second date, but had spent the evening looking distant, her fingers running over the finely-shaved underside of her short hair in almost nervous repetition.

He puts together the pieces.

"You look lovely," Erwin tells her again, pulling her against him with an arm around her shoulders. Her arms are still crossed, but she goes, tip of her nose pressed against his chest. "But," he says softly, "you know you don’t have to dress a certain way for me."

Levi frowns up at him. “I didn’t dress this way for you,” she says testily. “I don’t give a shit if people think I’m your girlfriend or your boyfriend. I’m just annoyed that they think they have the right to—act like we’re not together at all.”

Erwin doesn’t mean to laugh, but he does, because he’s spent three dates wondering if he could ask for sixteen more. “You could just hold my hand more often in public, you know,” he points out to her.

She huffs, looking at him like he’s something particularly slow and stupid, drawing out her words to make them easier for him to understand. “Your hands sweat a lot.” Helpfully, as if he hasn’t gotten her point yet, she adds, “It’s gross.”

He doesn’t have a response to that except to kiss her.

i basically stopped working on this for seven months, but fuck everyone, i’m gonna finish it and put it on a t-shirt ok

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and then i’ll finish the absurd fucking amount of mike wips in my sketch folder