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archaicacid and I signed a blood pact for more Erumike

i’m not crying, i just have some erumike in my eye


It’s Erwin’s idea. That seems to suggest some kind of forethought to it, some kind of inherent and meticulous planning that would soften any possible edge of awkwardness; it implies a great deal of trust, too, that Levi assumes these things automatically of any of Erwin’s suggestions. 

Erwin’s smile is an almost hesitant, shy thing, when Levi enters his quarters, the straps of 3D gear helpfully loosened from his body but not removed. Mike stands in a corner, silent but too large to ever go unnoticed.

The bedside table—which usually contained various writing tools, papers, various letters from people in different stages of anger and grief (always cluttered and in differing states of disorganization, like Erwin hadn’t truly meant for things to settle there long-term but had simply got caught up in something else)—is cleared, save for a little vial of oil.

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friend: who do you ship in snk?
me: yes


HOLY SHIT I DIDN’T KNOW I NEEDED IT EITHER @Momolafey!!! I seriously couldn’t pass this up. BEST REQUEST AWARD. Bottom Erwin is so extremely important you know, because….. ayyyyyyyyyy (☞゚∀゚)☞ 

Wow this blog got real classy REAL FAST. ಥ⌣ಥ

This is it - this is the single greatest contribution to the SNK fandom I have done thus far

(friendly reminder that requests are still closed at the moment, thanks guys!)

ALTHOUGH. If anyone wants to write a something-something for this, one-shot, PWP… THAT WOULD BE SO AMAZING?!?! hhhh *lies down on floor*



Verano ven a mí, mira que te echo de menos.

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So sorry for the belated birthday greetings!

Ah, I had a lot of fun browsing through your page trying to surmise what would be best to draw for you! (Haha, I came up with domestic catdad morning bathtime and bashful Slutwin RP, I hope that is okay!)

It’s been so great to get to know you and I feel so lucky that we had a chance to meet this year! I look forward to more of your awesome art and hope you have a great day! 



Skype sex

this one was particularly exhausting for me but man, look at eren in the last panel. worth it.

also rabbitghoul said that skype sex would be a total disaster. and at first it was. then it wasn’t. 


The tavern is small and densely-packed, men with roses emblazoned on their backs filling the space beyond its capacity. Their drunkenness only serves to fill it more. He’s abandoned his own jacket for the night, as has Mike, but some of the more sober men in the Garrison raise their glasses in his direction. Some spit.

Erwin’s grown used to the mixed reactions that the Survey Corps inspires. In some ways, he finds their contempt more valuable than their respect—both are equally meaningless in the long run, but one is more honest in some regard.

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ok but why would you wear bitch heels as levi, his entire purpose in life is to be a short pile of trash


Yamazaki Sousuke 8D




Hey, all artists out there, have you guys considered making a ‘Wall Erwin’?

Basically a lot of artists draw their own versions of Erwin and all the drawings are put together. This is an example made by Chinese artists, there are 69 Erwins there.  

Maybe we should all gather and agree about submitting the pics (I don’t mind putting them together) and make the agreement about that? uvu 

so i made a side blog so you guys just go there and drop an ask if you wanna join? i’ll make a list later

Submit here!! ^^^^^ <3


bad day at work

You can tell who my fave characters are based on how much suffering I put them through