Anonymous asked: fluffy RusFem!can?

Ivan takes her ice-skating because he’s not really sure what else to do and still isn’t sure how dates really work (and he still thinks she only said yes because she was too polite to say she’s not interested and that thought sits in the back of his mind and eats away at any confidence he might have had.)

He picks her up at 8 for night skating, too late for dinner and hoping he’s saved them both from any uncomfortable conversations—a little easier to get away from a date on the rink than a dinner table.

He rings her doorbell at exactly 8 o’clock, waits out front until then and wonders if she notices him on her porch raising his hand to ring before putting it back in his pocket.

She smiles wide when she opens the door, though, and he doubts she did and suddenly he can’t think of anything else about doorbells only that she’s cute, with her braids and knitted hat and he wants to kiss her, pick her up and hold her until she stops shivering on the porch.

(fluff is surprisingly harder than the rest, haha, hopefully it’s okay! I guess I should work some more on it)

September 04, 2012 - 2:27am [2 years ago]
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